WHAT IS 85/25?
85 years ago, in September 1937, the first LIUNA Local in BC and the Yukon, Local 602 was founded.
25 years ago, in July 1997, four LIUNA Locals merged to form LiUNA Local 1611.

We’re giving away $2,500 every month in 2022 to a member
of our LiUNA Local 1611 Family!

What would you do with the money?
Do you need to pay off some bills? Buy new clothes? Or maybe put it towards a trip or staycation you’ll take at some point? Whatever you would use the money for, we want you to win it!

Register here and make sure you scroll down to see previous winners!


85/25 MARCH WINNER $2,500 – SANDRA M.

‘Hadi Saweten (Hello, how are you) in Wet’sue’wet’en language. I’m from Wet’sue’wet’en Nation, located in Northern British Columbia but I was born and raised in Vancouver. I have five children, one sadly left on his new journey in the spirit world and four surviving children.
My name is Crystal P, I’ve been proudly apart of LiUNA Local 1611 for 4 years. I work in Traffic Control with Ansan/Universal Traffic Group in a lane closure truck, before expanding my skills I worked with the same company but as a TCP for two years. I’ve met a lot of women and men along the way, worked along side with many different departments with the City of Vancouver, BC Hydro and Telus.
I’d love to nominate my co-worker and not only is she a co-worker, she is an amazing friend/ sister, Sandra who is a union member for over 10 years and counting. I heard a lot about her, but I never had the opportunity to work with her, but once I started to work with Coast Mountain Bus Company, she became my everyday partner. I was terrified to work in this department in the beginning, but Ms. Sandra helped me so much, she trained me and shared her knowledge with me. We were like two peas in a pod. We worked so well together. Aside from work, I recently lost my eldest son Jeremy. Sandra went above and beyond to help me take all steps through ceremony for helping my son carry on through his new journey in the spirit world, she provided me a lot of support, she also guided me through fire ceremony with elders and medicine. Still to this day, she has been one of my biggest supporters on and off the road! We go from lacing up our boots to putting on our moccasins, helping us both get through days ahead. I really appreciate Sandra for all she has done for me. She definitely goes above and beyond. I couldn’t have done this without her standing by my side on the road sharing her knowledge and through the start of my new journey without my son here on this earth. Thank You Sandra, you are an amazing woman! Proud to call you, my sister. Keep being you, my friend.

85/25 MARCH WINNER $500 – LORRI L.

I would like to nominate my co-worker/friend Lorri. She has been a flagger for Ansan for many years. I first met her back when I was first starting out as a flagger 7.5 years ago. I have learnt a lot from her over the years. First when I was a new TCP to when I became an LCT, she has always helped me with any questions or concerns I may have. Even if I thought the question was silly, she has always been very patient and helpful. In the last couple years, she’s had some drastic changes in her personal life, but has never impacted her work. I feel she could really benefit from this money to help her pay some of her bills. She is a hard worker and often works 6-7 days a week just to make ends meet. For this reason, I’d like for her to be considered so that maybe she could take a long weekend off just to enjoy life. Lorri is a positive person and is a great role model on how we should conduct ourselves in front of the crews and to the public. One thing with our job is that everyone else seems to know what we should be doing more then we know, and she is always polite/respectful with her response. That is not always easy when you have people yelling at you. So, I really hope you will consider Lorri for this month’s winner.


For Woman’s History Month, I nominate my best friend, co-worker, and former classmate, Chyanne.For Woman’s History Month, I nominate my best friend, co-worker, and former classmate, Chyanne.
Chyanne is a loving daughter, sister, friends, wife, dog mom and hard-working Family Support Worker in our small city of Cranbrook, British Columbia. She consistently puts the needs of others before her own and has the kindest heart. She prioritized those she provides support for, going above and beyond for the company she works for and lives a life that honors LiUNA values.
Though only 23, Chyanne has accomplished many great things and still to this day strives to be the best not only for her own gain, but for the betterment of others. She sacrifices, works endlessly, and has an inner strength that is like no other. After high school, she worked five jobs, completed her Human Service Worker Certificate and Diplomas as well as a Child, Youth and Family Studies Diploma, all while paying cash to avoid student loans, finding her true love, getting engaged and buying her first home. There isn’t anything she can’t do.
Chyanne rarely asks for much, and some days she struggles with burnout, exhaustion, and overall defeat, but she always seems to muster up the strength to put a smile on her face. For that reason, many, including myself, are so incredibly blessed to have her in our lives. Without her dedication, caring and kind heart, eye for detail and determination to make the lives of others even a small percentage better, the workplace let alone lives, wouldn’t be the same. Individuals such as Chyanne, are one in a million. Irreplaceable and memorable.


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