Fire Safety Awareness Course

Duration: 2 hours.

One of the biggest dangers that people face in outdoor situations is being unprepared. This course will provide you information that will assist you to handle many situations that you could encounter with regards to interaction with Wildlife.

Regardless of your industry or specific job-title, it is always important to have a fire safety plan at your place of work and everyone should be trained in how to react to fire in a safe and prompt way. This is especially the case in an industrial/construction setting, where there are wide ranging factors which must be considered that can contribute to the cause of fires and how they are spread. Fire safety plans are a set of procedures put in place to eliminate/mitigate those hazards which have the potential to contribute to the possible destruction of buildings, property, and loss of life.

In many instances during the outbreak of a fire, panic can take hold and people rush to escape. Assigning employees tasks and training for a planned and proper evacuation help to minimize the possibility of accidents significantly. Additionally, it is good practice to train employees on how to identify fire extinguishers properly and utilize them effectively.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Fire prevention. (Examples of common industrial fire hazards and control methods used in fire prevention)
  • Encountering a fire.
  • Emergency response systems. (Emergency exit components, fire alarm response and evacuation procedures)
  • The Fire Tetrahedron. (the four main properties necessary for fire to occur)
  • The 5 classes of fire and their main corresponding elements.
  • Extinguisher types, usage, and how they work to fight those specific 5 classes of fire.
  • Weights and Rating systems for Portable Fire Extinguishers.
  • Other emergency firefighting equipment.
  • Fuel sources.
  • How fast fires can spread.
  • Smoke, toxic gases, and vapours


Fire Safety Awareness Exam

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