Site C Dam Proceeds

With the BC Government’s approval of the Site “C”, our members will prosper with extensive work on this project. Although, it was a very difficult decision for Premier John Horgan and his Ministers, it will prove to be the best choice for the province and BC workers. BC Hydro has awarded the Powerhouse, Spillways and Penstocks project to the General Partnership between; Aecon/Flatiron/Dragados and EBC JV. This is one of the Joint Ventures we have signed to a PLA. At peak manpower we expect 450 – 500 Local 1611 members on the project. The first crew will start this May with work continuing until 2022. The government has put stipulations in place to increase the number of local hires, support apprenticeship programs and increase opportunities for First Nations and Women in All Trades.

Up-to-now, the workforce only consisted of 2% and 31% of local hire, the remaining workers were from outside the province! This is a BC taxpayer’s project, and it should ONLY benefit BC workers, we have the manpower to complete the project here in BC!

“It’s clear that Site C should never have been started. But to cancel it would add billions to the Province’s debt – putting at risk our ability to deliver housing, child care, schools and hospitals for families across B.C. And that’s a price we’re not willing to pay,” said Premier Horgan.



Premier Horgan said that in moving forward with the Site C dam, his government will launch a Site C turnaround plan to contain project costs while adding tangible benefits. The plan will include:

  • A new Project Assurance Board that will provide enhanced oversight to future contract procurement and management, project deliverables, environmental integrity, and quality assurance – all within the mandate of delivering the project on time and budget. Based on current projections, BC Hydro has revised the budget to $10.7 billion.
  • Establishing new community benefits programs, mandated with making sure that project benefits assist local communities, and increasing the number of apprentices and First Nations workers hired onto the project.
  • A new BC Food Security Fund – based on Site C revenues – dedicated to supporting farming and enhancing agricultural innovation and productivity in the province.

In addition to funding for provincewide food security projects and programs, the turnaround plan will:

  • Ensure the Peace River Legacy Fund implements solutions to longer-term environmental, social and economic issues.
  • Activate the $20-million agricultural compensation fund to offset lost sales and stimulate long-term productivity enhancements in Peace Valley agriculture.

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